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Temporary Site Facilities

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Your project, our concern!

With knowledge of facts, we ensure that your (temporary) site is most efficiently equipped, from site lighting and fencing to complete office units. We guarantee that your temporary facilities will be maintained, will manage the use of fuel and the uptime insurance by means of call-out and 24 hour service. Temporary Site Facilities are custom designed, and this is where all our disciplines come together.

Just like with (large) maintenance stops, (new) building and renovation projects frequently require temporary facilities. Temporary installations, (office) units and hundreds of extra machines and tools are provided with the related procedures and logistic processes. United Rentals offers custom design overall solutions and service concepts that help you to operate optimally. Our starting point is that we support your organisation to the maximum so that your workers and contractors can work without any obstruction. We provide complete air, light, electricity and welding installations but also, for example, fencing. In addition, we contribute ideas to how to equip the construction site, the logical logistics routes, cost optimisation, etc. Your project is our care!

The five advantages

Temporary Site Facilities

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A construction site efficiently equipped

We guarantee that your construction site will be equipped in the best way and we take the responsibility for the maintenance of our temporary facilities.
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Sufficient availability

With an on site shop you can be sure that your workers and contractors have access to a flexible stock of inspected equipment, tools, PPE and consumable items at all times.
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Logistical management without concerns

We create a complete care-free environment by taking the full logistic management of all equipment, tools and your entire project out of your hands. United Rentals can take care of all your logistical operations such as incoming and outgoing equipment flows, temporary storage, loading and unloading operations. You construct while we create a care-free environment!
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Central contact and outlet

By coordinating the project and equipment planning well, we can realise the best hands-on-tool-time thanks to our integral approach, enabling your project to run more efficiently.
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Lower costs

By maintaining an overview of what equipment has been issued to who, we can control the costs. Centralising all equipment with one provider also offers rental price benefits. 
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Whether it is fluid management, facilitating power or a complete solution for your construction site. United Rentals goes beyond rental: we distinguish ourselves in offering cost-saving solutions for all your issues in demanding work environments.

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