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The supply of light, air and electricity is essential for safely carrying out the work. But what if these facilities are not available? We have the right solution. Whether you are an end-customer or a contractor, we can arrange everything; an advice, a plan, the actual installation and even its sustainment.

We assist all site managers on site by ensuring that there is enough light, air and/or electricity, also during shut-downs. As a specialist party we take the responsibility for your light and power, from installation to sustainment and even disassembly. In this way, we provide you with security and look after the safety and the continuity of your project.

What can you expect from us? It all starts with a profound inspection on site where we will map all your requirements. Then we will present a detailed plan for the intended light and power facilities. Only after approval will we proceed to install at your project. With us on board, you can rely on a smooth performance and a reliable service from start to finish.

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Choose from various light installations that satisfy your purpose and space. We offer mobile or stationary lampposts with maximum light output for projects, turnarounds or construction sites. We have a broad range of LED lighting for use in confined spaces, including portable lamps and tube fixtures in 12.24, 42 V and 230 V. In respect of EX zones, we offer special lighting to meet the requirements set. We are happy to advise you on safe and efficient working.
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For air-driven activities we will install a network with all required branches that is based on the required capacity. Our range includes modern compressors with a capacity of 3 m3 to 31 m3 with air distribution stations and hoses.
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It is not always possible to use the existing power supply. For that reason, we offer a broad range of generators to meet the correct output required. By using several generators parallel, we ensure operational safety and fuel savings. We deliver the generators in full and install the required connections immediately with distribution boards and extension cables so that you can start using your machines and tools immediately.

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Whether it is fluid management, facilitating power or a complete solution for your construction site. United Rentals goes beyond rental: we distinguish ourselves in offering cost-saving solutions for all your issues in demanding work environments.

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