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Long Term Rental

Welding solutions
Rental for a long consecutive period

Long Term rental, also called long term use, offers you the possibility to rent for a long consecutive period. You will avail of the latest equipment during the entire rental period while we ensure that the equipment works perfectly. Changing from CAPEX to OPEX means you can avoid high (repetitive) purchasing costs and that you will only pay for use.

Long Term rental works to your advantage, particularly for large welding production companies and companies where welding is their core business, such as steel constructors, shipyards and offshore. You always have access to the latest and well maintained welding equipment because we also take care of scheduled preventive maintenance. And depending on the arrangements made, we will frequently replace welding equipment by newer models. The ‘old’ equipment, which was always maintained well (maximum five years old), will be refurbished by us after service and used by less demanding users as a ‘second chance’. This is both cost effective and sustainable!

In one overview

Long Term Rental

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Customer advantages

No large investments are needed for Long Term Rental and you will receive a specification of the monthly fixed costs with favourable rates. You always get the latest models and modern welding machines, ensuring a high productivity as a result. Service and maintenance are taken out of your hands and are periodically provided. Additionally, we have great knowledge of welding and equipment and we offer support so that you can contact us for all your questions about welding.
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Our approach

We always start with an inventory of the welding process and we investigate to find out where optimisation is possible. This helps us to map the requirements and we will draw up an optimisation plan to determine the correct configuration and numbers. We will present this proposal and after we have received your consent we will carry it out at the time you wish.
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Second chance

Any old (well-maintained) equipment will be replaced by new equipment after maximum five years. These, still excellently working, welding machines will be refurbished by United Rentals and deployed as a ‘second chance’ by less demanding users. Cost-effective and sustainable.

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