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Whether your worksite requires the precision of a smaller loader or the power of a large skid steer, United Rentals' comprehensive fleet has it covered. Skid steer loaders are versatile pieces of equipment with a multitude of attachment options. Specific skid steer applications include landscaping, excavation, demolition, debris removal, roadwork, trench digging and more. We offer a broad selection, including wheeled and tracked loaders in various sizes, from small-frame up to full-sized skid steers. 

United Rentals is dedicated to helping you find the skid steer you need. Our mini skid steers are ideal for smaller jobs where precision is required, and the tracked models tread lightly on grass and turf. We also offer various small, medium and large frame loaders to ensure that we have a skid steer that meets your specific needs. United Rentals has the largest fleet of construction rental equipment in the world, and our team of industry professionals is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Our goal is to help you meet your project goals, and our equipment specialists are standing by to help.

We have offerings from multiple top-of-the-line brands to ensure the best quality and performance, from mini skid steers to full sized units. Find a skid steer near me, including:

United Rentals is the largest equipment rental and end-to-end worksite solutions company in the world. Backed by a robust fleet of rental equipment and a team of experts ready to custom-engineer a solution for projects of any size, we’ve got you covered. United Rentals offers trucks and trailers, power and HVAC solutions, air compressors and tools, earthmoving equipment, and much more. Plus, with almost 1,200 locations across North America, we have the tools and equipment you need, where you need them. Reserve your rental equipment online and leverage digital tools to manage and optimize your fleet, control costs, access invoices, and have total control over your projects. United Rentals is here to help you keep projects on track.

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More About Skid Steers in Denver, Colorado

What is a skid steer?

A skid steer loader is a compact and versatile piece of construction equipment with various practical applications. Loaders typically come equipped with four wheels or two tracks. While the default skid steer attachment is a bucket, you can equip them with a wide range of attachments such as trenchers, cement mixers, augers and more. Skid steers also come in different sizes to suit different needs. Mini or small-frame skid steers make excellent tools for smaller landscaping jobs, while large skid steers are an ideal option for large demolition or excavation jobs. Reach out to your local branch for more information today

How much does a skid steer weigh?

While this depends mainly on the size and manufacturer of the skid steer, typically a skid steer loader may weigh anywhere from 1,500 pounds for smaller units and up to 12,000 pounds for full-sized models. Of course, some outliers such as mini skid steers can weigh under 1,000 pounds. Most of the weight comes from the counterweight of the skid steer, without which the loader would lose much of its ROC (rated operating capacity). In general, a heavier counterweight equates to a higher lifting capacity.

What is a skid steer used for?

With an extensive range of attachments available, skid steer loaders have many different applications. The default bucket attachment can be used for clearing snow or debris and lifting and moving heavy objects. For excavation and trenching projects, attachments like the auger, trencher, and ripper are handy. Skid steers are also an excellent choice for landscaping work, and tracked loaders are less likely to tear up grass surfaces. In addition, skid steers can be used for construction, demolition, roadwork, agricultural work and more, provided you get the right attachments for the job. In other words, skid steers are easily some of the most versatile tools for any application on any worksite.

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