Used Equipment Sales

Blue Thursday Annual Equipment Sale


If it didn’t perform for us, we wouldn’t sell it to you.

Need a good reason to purchase used equipment during our annual Blue Thursday sale event? Here’s five:

Jobsite Tested 

Each piece of equipment has been repeatedly vetted by every customer that’s relied upon it to perform well.

Expertly Maintained 

We’ve kept our equipment in top shape for our rental customers. That means it’s in top shape for you now.

Consistently Inspected

We’ve continuously verified the quality of our equipment to ensure that it’s up to our standards. And yours.

Wide Variety

With the nation’s equipment currently in short supply, you won’t find a greater selection anywhere else.

Tax Savings*

Purchasing now means you can likely deduct the full cost on your 2021 return. So whether you shop online or at a dealer, there’s never been a better time to become the new owner of a quality piece of used equipment.

*In 2021, most equipment can be deducted immediately from gross income under the Section 179 or 100% bonus depreciation rules.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Equipment Needs

Unmatched quality, selection and service from United Rentals

Huge Selection, Expertly Maintained

The largest rental fleet in the industry

Originally sourced from top-tier OEM manufacturers

More than 4,000 classes of equipment to meet all your needs

Repeated maintenance performed to strict OEM standards


Coverage through United Guard™

Complimentary equipment inspections

Warrantied repairs on select components

Service at over 1,000 United Rentals branches across North America


Convenient Financing with United Rentals

Up to 100% financing with 1- to 5-year terms

Same-day proposals

Leases and loans

Maintenance, service, inspections and repair

Tiered plans customized to fit your needs with Customer Equipment Solutions

Inspections (ANSI, CSA and OSHA regulations)

Preventative maintenance

24/7 availability for unplanned repairs

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Need help?

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